Nepali Movie – Lanka

Nepali Movie - Lanka
Casts : Rekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwoda, Nandu Shreevastav etc. Producer : Om Prahash Agrawal Co-producer : Mahima Shah Director : Shyam Bhattarai Story: Babubhai is the president of Tarai Democratic Party and has long reaching influence in the country. On this basis he has created a so-called Lanka of illegal activities. The police in-charge of the area, Deepak Pandey (Dhruba Koirala) also receives monthly payments from Babubhai. A new police officer in the police station, Satya, decides to fight against the illegal activities of Babubhai. A journalist named Bhaskar (Binod Pandey) also helps Satya in his fight against Babubhai. But, the police in-charge and Babubhai’s brother Nandubhai conspire against Satya and he is killed by a bullet.

Source: Youtube/MusicNepalPvtLtd